Established in 2009, The Village Soccer Shop was created with a vision in mind, to create an original and unique soccer shop a little different than the rest. To break the mold of what a "soccer shop" should be or look like, and to create a brand that speaks to and portrays everything that is great about the game and lifestyle of soccer. 

On a personal note; It was created out of love, love for a sport that caught hold of me from the first time I kicked a round ball. To share this love with soccer players and fans young and old who enjoy the game as I do gives great pleasure to me and everyone involved with The Village Soccer Shop. 

That being said, welcome to The Village Soccer Shop's online store. We strive to carry the best products for all things soccer and lifestyle from companies big and small. We are believers that quality outweighs quantity, and all of our products are hand chosen based on quality and style. As well as carrying products from bigger brands, we are also supporters of smaller brands with proud heritage, and independent brands whose creativity and style are often unmatched. We hope you enjoy!



The Village Soccer Shop: A Soccer & Lifestyle Joint.